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August 2010

Serendipity , a journey through photos

It’s raining right now. So this weekend I was house bound. Deliberately and willingly. And anyways I won’t be traveling this month or till end of next month as well. But I know I will be still going to places. Really. I will know how the leaves are in Milwaukee right now and what the color of sky in Mullingar is. I will be traveling.

I will be traveling with my friends. I will change places as I scroll up and down. With each click I can see a picture or a place unfolding. That’s the beauty of internet and a photo blog where men and women across the world decided to contribute pictures to map their days, lives and their transition.

You don’t have to know each other before you start the journey. But you get to know a stranger in the course of the journey. I think this rule applies to everything; from marriage to trek partners to fellow travelers. Therefore why cant one travel with someone through the latter’s pictures. It doesn’t really matter if you knew the person next to you. What matters is are you ready to know and travel with me?

Traveling isn’t always packing a suitcase and boarding a flight and stepping into an unknown world or discover an overtly populated tourist place. Yes each famous tourist spot has an amazing USP to offer. Each new place has a story to tell. But then again so is each of our lives.

Knowledge you can get from googling. I am not talking about knowledge or information. I am talking about the travel called life. And in this case through someone’s eyes viz-a-viz photographs. It’s the place where you will be worried when one of you friends will go through a troubled marriage; it’s the place where you will jump in joy when someone has a baby ; it the same place where you will sweat in India and read about the snowfall in US.

This is a blog.A photo blog that speaks of the never ending traveling called life. As seen through my eyes. As seen through your eyes.

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